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DNS Clinical 'A' Course

For Clinicians, this is where your DNS journey starts. This course is often an eye-opener for participants, who will walk away with unparalleled knowledge and skills in restoring optimal sagittal stabilization and a new lens to assess human movement. DNS A is our fundamentals course and introduces the key principles of developmental kinesiology and ontogenesis, with a heavy emphasis on defining, assessing, and restoring optimal postural - sagittal stabilization.

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DNS Strength Training 1

A 3-day course that includes DNS Exercise 1 plus an additional day dedicated to applying the knowledge and skills of DNS Exercise 1 to Strength Training.

This course is for rehabilitation specialists (DC, PT, ATC, etc) who utilize traditional strength training movements with their clients and/or athletes, or for those who want to learn how to! This course bridges the gap between the incredibly refined and detail-oriented approach of DNS Exercise to strength and performance-based training. Anyone can take this course; it is highly applicable to trainers, certified strength coaches and medical professionals.

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DNS Exercise 1

A 2-day course designed to introduce the neurodevelopmental approach to postural stabilization and movement.

Attendees are advised how to start the training of ideal postural-stabilization function in basic, i.e. the easiest, positions and how to progress with the exercise by using more challenging positions, applying resistance, and/or by adding limb movement to meet client's specific requirements and sports goals.

DNS Pediatrics 1

DNS Pediatric Course

DNS pediatric courses are based on neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, muscle physiology and kinesiology with an emphasis on diagnostics. These courses are limited to licensed health professionals (MD, DO, PT, DC, OT). In addition, the organizer reserves the right to limit the audience to certain groups of professionals.


DNS Strength Training 2

A 3-day course that starts with part 2 of the DNS Exercise course series and finishes with a full-day immersion in its application to strength training.

Pre-requisite: DNS Strength Training 1

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