Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you still running live and in-person courses?
A: Yes, with special COVID precautions, small groups, and presenters from within Canada we will continue to run live and in-person courses.

Q: What Covid protocols are being followed?

  1. We will follow all provincial and federal guidelines for professional education and events.  Starting Jan 14 and until further notice, all participants will be required to submit two rapid tests prior to the course (within 24 hrs and the day of the course).
  2. Rapid test results will be submitted via photos of the test results and screenshot of your phone or computer as proof of date.
  3. Proof of vaccination will be required if provincial or federal guidelines mandate it. You can view provincial guidelines. Generally speaking and at present, proof of vaccination is required at events facilities (i.e. hotels, community centres), but, not required for courses hosted within private spaces (i.e. a clinic). Please contact us if you are unsure and please note that Rapid Testing is required for all participants, regardless of vaccination status.
  4. Social distancing whenever possible.
  5. Small groups during practical workshops that will remain consistent through the weekend to limit the number of close contacts.
  6. Plenty of sanitization.

Q: What precautions are you taking for COVID during in-person courses?
A: We will follow all the CDC and provincial health authority guidelines.
This will include:
- pre-screening participants before course participation. If a participant has the unfortunate circumstance of experiencing any of the symptoms or signs we will provide a %100 course credit for a future course (live or online).
- We will not accept participants who have traveled internationally without the required 14-day quarantine prior to attendance.
- Social distancing will be applied whenever we are able during lecture presentations.
- Masks will be required whenever social distancing cannot be maintained.
- Sanitization and regular hand washing.
- When participants attend among a group of people within their regular social network, they will be grouped together to minimize contact with participants from outside their social circle. If participants are attending without a social circle (i.e. friend) with them we will pair 2-3 partners who will stay together throughout the course to reduce the number and frequency of social contacts.

Q: Can I still get the Super Early Bird or Early Bird price?
A: Unfortunately, no. We get a high volume for this request "with a variety of reasons attached to them" and we simply cannot address all of them. Ultimately, we hope you understand that fair is fair and we have to honour the dates for these special prices that we place out at the beginning.

Q: What currency are prices listed in?
A: Canadian dollars (CAD).

Q: What is the venue for the course?
A: As soon as we have confirmed it, we will put it up on the course page.

Q: How do I get the Student Discount?
A: To qualify for this discount you must be enrolled in a full-time program, and you must email in or bring to the course proof of this in the form of a student ID or other formal proof. Simply input the coupon code "student discount" (without the quotation marks) during checkout.

Q: Can we get a Group Discount?
A: Yes, a group of five or more attending the same course can receive a 10% discount. Larger groups are eligible for larger discounts. To get a group discount, contact us with a list of all the people you have confirmed for your group (first name, last name, and email address). Once you have done so, we will respond with a group discount code for each of you and your group members to apply during the checkout process.

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?
A: You can view our Terms and Conditions here.

Q: Will you be emailing me before the course?
A: Yes. In the weeks leading up to the course you can expect to receive multiple emails from us that simply contain extra reminders of course details, as well as any new information that we need to share with you. Occasionally this includes changes to the course schedule, so it is important that you open these emails. In both your DNS Account and your billing information, please include an email address that you would like us to use for communication. Also please ensure that emails from are not being sent your spam or junk folders.

Q: Why haven?t I received any course emails from Somatic Senses?
A: Check to see if our emails were sent to your junk or spam folders. Please ensure that emails from are not being filtered and sent to those folders. Additionally, include the email address you'd like us to send things to in both your DNS Account and your billing information upon checkout.

Q: Where are the course notes?
A: They will either be provided in printed form at the course, or we will send you digital format, or both. In the weeks leading up to your course, you will receive an email with information on this.

Q: Where is my certificate?
A: A link to your certificate will be provided in the weeks following the course. Keep in mind that the Google Drive folder containing your certificate will only be active for 2 weeks after you receive the link, so please download your certificate before then. If it was a DNS course, your certificate will be emailed to you by the Prague School of Rehabilitation following the course.

Q: The folder containing my digital notes or certificate is gone. What do I do?
A: The Google Drive folder containing your notes and certificate will only be active for 2 weeks after you receive the final link, so please download your content before then. If you did not download content in time, contact us and we can send it to you directly.

If your question was not answered above, feel free to contact us.