Educational Partners

A Team of Dedicated Professionals and Practices

Our educational partners include healthcare clinics, gyms, colleagues, and practices, dedicated to improving the standard of care through high-value education. They provide space, to host DNS courses. They provide time, to ensure smooth delivery of a course. They provide energy and resources, to ensure their team and colleagues know about the amazing education available to them.



SWAT Health is a health and wellness company that provides curated care with a cutting-edge blend of training and treatment, energizing our clients through in-person sessions and elevating the health and fitness community through education.


Following extensive travel in elite sports therapy, MVMTLAB was born in summer 2013 out of Dr Jeff Almon’s goal to create a leading sports performance clinic where elite athletes, and the general active population, learn how to rebuild and maintain their body through sensory-motor reprogramming. We aim to discover why your body isn’t working like it should.

Torchia w Pavel


Erik is a Sport Physiotherapist based in Vancouver, and local host of DNS Canada courses. Erik has been a facilitator and organizer for numerous courses, but none that hit home like DNS. DNS principles are the foundation in his clinical reasoning and practice focused on post op rehab and return to play/performance in athletes.

We believe a team of experts always outperforms one individual. Not one doctor but several. Not one practitioner but many. Not one discipline but multiple. We built this clinic based on this philosophy – a clinic with a unified team that works collectively for you and with you.  Our unified team of expert practitioners have one common goal - to help you achieve a higher standard of health so you are able to do all the things in life that you love to do. 

Dr. Worthylake is a Chiropractor, Certified DNS Practitioner, and Local Host of DNS courses in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He's spent the last decade studying cutting-edge techniques and working around the world to help athletes of every level perform (and stay) at the top of their game.

Robert Spencer Allison
Husband and wife team Spencer Bell and Allison McFarlane have been big supporters of DNS. Spencer is a DNS certified practitioner, and both are Chiropractors and super hosts of all things DNS education. They have taken more than their fair share of DNS courses and continue to support high-quality education through hosting and organizing events and conferences throughout Ontario.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Dr. Li. obtained his Bachelor of Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. He went on pursuing his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at New York Chiropractic College.  He is also a Certified DNS Practitioner and Local Host of DNS courses in Seattle, Washington.

An avid athlete himself, Dr. Li enjoys spending time on both indoor and outdoor sports. He maintains his workout regimen and keeps exploring the crafts of other sports to remain active, as he believes in what he preaches — leading an active lifestyle is integral to a healthy life.




Dr. Yap is a Chiropractor, Local Host, and helps with the facilitation of Educational Webinars through He's one of the nicest human beings you will ever meet, so much so that his friends inform him that he should tone it down a bit cuz he's making us look bad 😉.

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