More Options to Save You Money

Professional Students

Save $100 - $200 per course

  • Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Students
  • Human Kinetics & Kinesiology Students
  • Massage Therapy & Athletic Therapy Students

Multiple Courses

Save $100 - $300 per course

  • Second Course in a Calendar Year is $100 off
  • Third Course in a Calendar Year is $200 off
  • Fourth Course in a Calendar Year is $300 off


Save $50 - $100 per course per person

  • Groups of 3 - 4 $50 Off Each
  • Groups of 5+ Please Contact Us First
  • Groups of 10+ Please Contact Us First

Refer a Friend

Save $100 - $300+ per course

  • Refer 1 Friend = $100 off your next course
  • Refer 2 Friends = $200 off your next course
  • Refer 3 Friends = $300 off your next course

Need-To-Know Info


We love continuing education. We also love seeing all your beautiful faces out at our courses repeatedly. However, our financial and administrative arrangement with each presenter can vary greatly.

Hence,?we cannot offer any form of discount on certain courses, as depicted by our agreement with the company, presenter, or host venue.

We assure you, we will always offer the discounts when possible. We want to serve you well. We recognize?that helping you save money helps all of our professions and the populations we serve.

Professional Students

  • In order to qualify for this discount you must be going to school full-time.
  • This discount can be combined with other forms of discount.

Multiple Courses

  • All courses must be taken within one calendar year.
  • You may pay for them all at once, or pay one at a time as courses come up.
  • This discount can be combined with other forms of discount.


In order to qualify for a group discount, ALL participants must register at the same time.

In order to do so, you must simply select more than one ticket on the product description page, as shown below. Once you have purchased the courses, you will be issued a refund according to the number of people registered. (In the very near future, this will happen as an automatic discount; stay tuned as we constantly enhance the technological capacity of our website.)


Refer a Friend

For every friend you refer to a Somatic Senses course, we'll give you $100 off of your NEXT course.

This means you cannot refer friends to the same course you are currently taking and receive a discount for said course.

There is NO CAP on this offer. If you refer 20 people to courses, we'll give you $2,000 off of future courses, no qualms about it. You can even use accumulated discounts all on one course!

Please note:?This only applies to new referrals, not to people who have taken Somatic Senses courses in the past.?

Excited about all these discounts that you're going to capitalize on?

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